The WORST Camping Near L.A.! | Campground Review: Glen Helen Regional Park (Fontana, CA)

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We stayed at Glen Helen for a total of 3 weeks. The main reason was location, but that’s because we needed to be in Fontana. If you’re looking for a park near L.A., this isn’t it! (more on that later…)

About the Park

The park was gated, but the exit gate always stayed open, so it didn’t feel very secure. The location was TERRIBLE, about 2-3 hours to LA depending on traffic and 15-20 minutes to the closest supermarket and laundry facilities.

This park was very trashy. I’m talking trash EVERYWHERE. From broken bottles to plastic wrappers to dog excrement to literally anything you can think of that should be in a landfill, well, it was here… on the ground, in your site, on the road. You couldn’t go two feet without running into a piece of or PILE of trash.

The maximum stay at this park was two weeks, so there are no permanent campers, but nonetheless the park looked and felt run down, neglected, and dirty.

The staff was sparse but friendly.

The traffic noise was the probably the most difficult thing to deal with while staying at this park. There are loud trains that start their engines and honk their horns nearly every half hour from dawn til dusk. The traffic noise from the interstate was worse. Inside with the windows closed sounded like we were standing outside on the side of the road itself. And, thanks to it being the LA area, rush hour starts at 4 am and continues until around 11pm. The noise penetrating the RV, however, never stops. It is still an awakening hum that surpasses even the sound of two air conditioners running on full blast. It frequently woke me up during the night, and I’m not a light sleeper! Seriously, if you’re even considering staying at this park, just don’t – unless you never want to sleep.

The amenities made up for nothing. The only accessible amenity was the bathhouse, which was always dirty, filled with spiders, and uncleaned. The pool and other park use areas like trails and the lake were located about 1/2 a mile away and all were pay-per-use. The park does not offer laundry or store facilities.

About our Site

Our site (21) was large length-wise (any size rig could fit) but width-wise it was only about 15′. We were very close to our neighbors. There were no trees or anything that could induce privacy. It was mostly level, however, and there were full hook-ups. The entire site was littered with debris and broken glass.

The Sam Score


  1. Price: 3/10
  2. Location: 7/10
  3. Appearance: 2/10
  4. Site: 5/10
  5. Atmosphere: 4/10
  6. Amenities: 5/10

Total: 26/60

We would not stay here again!

Campground Address: 2555 Glen Helen PKWY San Bernardino, CA 92407

Main Attraction(s): Los Angeles, San Bernardino Valley


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